Map View Overview

Ascent's detailed map view is really a general purpose map display window that can also plot your activity path and lap markers. Additionally, the map display can show a transparent "heads-up" graphic containing data values corresponding to the current animation location.

Maps Used in Ascent

Ascent displays different types of maps, all of which are downloaded from the internet as needed. Currently, all the maps used in Ascent are provided courtesy of the Microsoft TerraServer and VirtualEarth projects. Each map type is supported at 10-20 zoom levels. VirtualEarth maps are world-wide, while TerraServer is US only.

Types of Maps:

  • VirtualEarth "Hybrid" map shows satellite photos overlaid with road names and other landmark labels. This is the default map in Ascent.
  • VirtualEarth "Aerial" map is the same as the Hybrid map, except that textual information is not present.
  • VirtualEarth "Road" map only shows road data.
  • TerraServer "Topo" map only displays a topographic map with contour lines. This map is available for US locations only.
  • The TerraServer "Urban" map displays color or black and white high-resolution photo data, but is only available for certain metropolitan areas within the US.
  • The TerraServer "Aerial" map displays color or black and white photo data from throughout the US.

Hybrid Map

Map View in Action

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