Now Available!

Ascent Mobile for iPhone 3G

AscentMobile allows you to record, display, and analyze any activity involving movement using your iPhone.

Tracks can be recorded on the iPhone using the internal GPS, or downloaded via WiFi from the companion desktop application "Ascent". Altitude profiles and maps are displayed, as well as various reports and graphs that show your performance over time. Tracks recorded on the iPhone can be sent as an email attachment to your favorite email account for importing into any other compatible program or web site.

AscentMobile supports a comprehensive, bi-directional sync with Ascent Desktop. In addition to "pushing" tracks recorded on the iPhone to the desktop, full track data (including waypoints and location data) for up to 3 months worth of activities can be downloaded into an iPhone or iPod Touch. Additionally, track summary information (no waypoints) is downloaded for all other activities. This enables the graph and report features of AscentMobile to display data for *all* your activities, not just the tracks recorded on the device.

AscentMobile is now available at the Apple App Store!